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For Immediate Release: Quantum entanglement is something that I refer to a lot. So, here’s what’s up… Beginning today, we’re updating and re-designing our social media platforms starting with Shopify and Instagram so that we simplify who we are, our mission, our story and what we provide to individuals and the communities that we want to serve. Stay close, and tuned in…We’re sure that you’ll be please with the results. In the mean time stay safe and continue to have great days – Words from Team dE Mossì the Americas (North, Central, South) aka International 2021 AD ✍🙏😁🤝😷🔥💯❤️ The Art of Selection | Striving to be the Worlds Best; Groupe dE Mossì in Association with The House of dE Mossì Coffee Arabica;

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